Facial Cartography

Photographer Daniel Boschung employs a custom programmed industrial robot to accurately capture high definition portraits - video embedded below:

Daniel Boschung cartographies faces … Instead of taking pictures himself, he removes himself out of the process by delegating the work to an ABB industrial robot driven by a control software, which was written exlusively for this task. The standardized portraits have a surprising impact.

Each picture consists of about 600 single shots with a size of 900 million pixels. The result is hyper realistic. A stubble turns into a trunk, a wrinkle into a canyon, the nostril into a cavern. These facial landscapes are dismaying – why? ”Emotions are completely missing. Emotions show up only briefly while Macro photography takes half an hour. The person has to stay motionless while being photographed by the robot” explains Boschung.

You can find out more about Daniel’s ‘RoboPhot’ project here, and view many of these portraits online with a maps-like interface here


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